Periodt Power Summit

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​For teens 13-18, Periodt Power is an afternoon of raising awareness, confidence-building, and resource-sharing in a supportive, community-centered space. We’re challenging the harmful effects of period stigma and gender inequality head-on, and having fun doing it!

​​Join us for food, games & entertainment, giveaways, workshops, and stick around for the period packing party where we’ll be giving away period products for free! Don’t miss out!


We are currently collecting donations of individual or bulk unopened packages of pads, tampons, menstrual cups, panty liners, wipes, tissue paper, etc. These donations will be distributed to NYC youth at Teens PACT’s Menstrual Equity Summit. If you are willing and able to support with donations, you can drop off items at your nearest CHN health center or you can order via Teens PACT’s Amazon and Target registries by clicking on either link!

Applications are open! If you’re a high school student looking for an experience that’s more than just a job–AND STILL GET PAID–then this summit is for you! Join us to explore your potential as a peer leader, ask questions, get inspired by the experiences of our current peers, and fill out an application in person! Your journey starts here.

Teens PACT flier

Teens PACT flier