The work we do is made possible by youth (14-18 years old) with a strong desire to positively impact their peers and community.



Organizing fun and interactive virtual workshops/presentations via Zoom and IG LIVE on teen-related and sexual health issues.


Planning and promoting social media campaigns related--but not limited--to reproductive health services.


Developing public service announcements and other social media-related projects.


Designing visual education content for social media and virtual and in-person workshops.


Providing resources to sexual health services to help make access easier for teens.


Experiences and Ratings from our Youth.
  • Jalinne

    "Being a Teens PACT peer made me feel a little more confident. I'm able to help others and have a voice and it may not be a lot but it's enough to make me feel special for others. I hope I can grow my voice and knowledge with Teens PACT and be able to grow more independent as a peer."
  • Manny

    “Working at teenspact has been a wonderful experience. They do such a good job organizing teens to make an impact in their communities. Over the summer we facilitated more than 10 workshops, helping peers make better choices. I joined teenspact in 2016 and had a family ever since. They taught and prepared me for the real world, showing me early on how to save money and make resumes. This organization made me the person that I am today: knowledgeable, professional and honest. I’ve faced my biggest fears in teenspact, from teaching to jumping from a 50-foot pole. But at the end of the day the most rewarding part is getting to speak to new people who have never been taught the way that we teach: teens teaching teens; it’s really great how teenspact is an elite group of young people educating others.”
  • Crystal

    “My experience working at Teens PACT was amazing! I loved being a peer leader/Health educator because it allowed my friends to be comfortable enough with me and ask questions about sex and reproductive services they were nervous to ask adults before. And it helped me to be more open with my community and peers so that we can learn from one another and grow as a team.”
  • Richard

    “Teens PACT has been a great experience for me. I’ve learned to be confident in expressing myself with the knowledge I've been given. I enjoy helping my peers and showing them a different view of life so that they can stay safe and not feel judged.”
  • Kioni

    "My time at Teens P.A.C.T has been an amazing opportunity for self growth. I truly enjoy being a Peer Leader because it allows me to be more open with others and expand my thinking to be more inclusive of everyone. I have become more open minded in regards to not just thinking in one perspective that only affects me, but thinking in multiple perspectives that impact all kinds of people."


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